Netwealth Engineering Team

Adam Smith is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
  • Coffee
  • Cocktails
  • Rollerblading

Adam Smith

Angular Developer

Adam is a mid-level developer with over 5 years of experience with frontend technologies including Angular and Ionic.

Cynthia Ekeanyanwu is a Scrum Master at Netwealth
  • Clarity
  • Optimism
  • ...

Cynthia Ekeanyanwu

Scrum Master

A degree in Accounting, a Masters' Degree in Business Administration, 4 year's experience as a Scrum Master and an Agile Evangelist at heart. Passionate about people and processes.

David Jenkins is a Product Owner at Netwealth
  • Rugby (Welsh)
  • Skiing
  • BBQ

David Jenkins

Product Owner

Over 5 years of owning and delivering products from web platforms and apps to infrastructure and hardware.

Garry Aylott is a Senior Product Designer at Netwealth
  • Rugby
  • Star Wars
  • Tea

Garry Aylott

Senior Product Designer

Over 10 years' experience designing user experiences and brand building for the network, travel and finance industries.

Jessen Joseph is a Junior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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  • Traditions
  • Colours

Jessen Joseph

Junior Fullstack Developer

Jessen has a Computer Science degree, an MBA and 6 years' experience of Software Development.

Joey Saxon is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Games
  • Food
  • Sport

Joey Saxon

Fullstack Developer

Reasonably fresh out of University, really not been doing this that long...

Jordan Bradley-Ward is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Gaming
  • Snowboarding
  • Custom PC Builds

Jordan Bradley-Ward

Fullstack Developer

Jordan is a tech and hardware enthusiast, delivering bespoke systems for charities, commerce and finance.

Kamil Wnuk is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
  • Karate
  • Gyoza
  • Video Games

Kamil Wnuk

Angular Developer

Kamil is a UI Developer with a passion for great UX.

Kirsty Smith-Neale is a Designer at Netwealth
  • Barbour
  • Landrover
  • Cinnamon

Kirsty Smith-Neale


Over 5 years' experience designing for both print and digital media.

Lerisa Gomes is a Junior Angular Developer at Netwealth
  • Good Food
  • Travel
  • Browse

Lerisa Gomes

Junior Angular Developer

Junior Angular Developer with almost 2 years of demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Mark Perry is a Senior Angular Developer at Netwealth
  • Level
  • 20
  • Developer

Mark Perry

Senior Angular Developer

A self-taught developer who values learning and enthusiasm in order to make great web applications.

Matt Horrocks is a Lead QA Engineer at Netwealth
  • Sea
  • Rivers
  • Hills

Matt Horrocks

Lead QA Engineer

Matt has worked in IT for 20 years, starting as a workshop and remote engineer repairing green screen terminals, printers and servers.

Paul Whyton is a Senior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Bikes
  • Bytes
  • Alliteration

Paul Whyton

Senior Fullstack Developer

Coming soon...

Patrick Obiaso is a Junior Automation Tester at Netwealth
  • God
  • Football
  • Gaming

Patrick Obiaso

Junior Automation Tester

Patrick is a proud alumnus of the University of Derby with a first class honours degree and over 3 years experience in both manual and automation testing.

Rich Reeves is a Senior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Biking
  • Rugby
  • Podcasts

Rich Reeves

Senior Fullstack Developer

Over 20 years' experience of software design and development for the financial services, legal and retail industries.

Richard Hawkes is a Senior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Gore
  • Moses
  • Snooker

Richard Hawkes

Senior Fullstack Developer

Over 30 years' experience in building systems in the financial services industry.

Robert Pirow is a User Experience Designer at Netwealth
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Travelling

Robert Pirow

User Experience Designer

10 years in designing for eCommerce and SaaS products throughout Africa and the UK. These include Rocket Internet, Naspers and TUI.

Scott Sanderson is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Technology

Scott Sanderson

Fullstack Developer

Scott has a degree in Computer Science and has over 4 years experience developing bespoke software applications.

Shraddha Shah is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Design & Technology
  • Dancing
  • Art

Shraddha Shah

Fullstack Developer

With Commendation in her master’s degree in Engineering, Shraddha has over 12 years of experience of software development in insurance and pathology industries.

Chris Arnold is the CTO at Netwealth
  • Coffee
  • Guitars
  • Surf

Chris Arnold

Chief Technical Officer

Over 20 years’ experience developing and delivering software systems for the insurance, financial services and marketing industries.

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