Netwealth Engineering Team

Adam Smith is a Senior Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Adam Smith

Senior Angular Developer

Adam is a mid-level developer with over 5 years of experience with frontend technologies including Angular and Ionic.

Adam Worley is a C# Developer at Netwealth
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Adam Worley

C# Developer

Coming soon...

Adebayo Adegbembo is a RAD/SRE Engineer at Netwealth
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Adebayo Adegbembo

RAD/SRE Engineer

Coming soon...

Aneesa Aslam is a Dynamics Specialist at Netwealth
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Aneesa Aslam

Dynamics Specialist

Experienced Customer Relationship Management Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Declan is a Software Engineer at Netwealth
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Software Engineer

Declan has a Degree in Software Engineering as well as 5 years’ experience writing various pieces of software as a full stack developer and backend developer.

Duncan is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Angular Developer

Duncan has over twenty years of experience in software development, for the last five years Duncan has been developing applications using Angular Framework.

Faisal Khan is a Senior QA Engineer at Netwealth
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Faisal Khan

Senior QA Engineer

Over 20 years' experience in Quality Assurance providing Test Automation Frameworks for a range of industries including Healthcare, Travel and Public Sector

Fatima Igot is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Fatima Igot

Angular Developer

Fatima is a developer with over 8 years experience in mobile application technologies including Android Java/Kotlin and Ionic Framework using Angular.

Jessen Joseph is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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Jessen Joseph

Fullstack Developer

Jessen has a Computer Science degree, an MBA and 6 years' experience of Software Development.

Jess Hill is a Test Automation Engineer at Netwealth
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Jess Hill

Test Automation Engineer

Jess is an ISTQB qualified Test Analyst with a B.A. in Human Communication.

Jordan Bradley-Ward is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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  • Custom PC Builds

Jordan Bradley-Ward

Fullstack Developer

Jordan is a tech and hardware enthusiast, delivering bespoke systems for charities, commerce and finance.

Jose Diaz is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Jose Diaz

Angular Developer

Coming soon...

Kirsty Smith-Neale is a Junior Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Kirsty Smith-Neale

Junior Angular Developer

Over 5 years' experience designing for both print and digital media.

Hallam Bengo-Cank is a Junior C# Developer at Netwealth
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Hallam Bengo-Cank

Junior C# Developer

Hallam has a Psychology degree, is trained in software testing and development, and is able to deliver value by bringing a diversity of skills to the team.

Lerisa Gomes is a Angular Developer at Netwealth
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Lerisa Gomes

Angular Developer

Junior Angular Developer with almost 2 years of demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Matt Horrocks is a Lead QA Engineer at Netwealth
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Matt Horrocks

Lead QA Engineer

Matt has worked in IT for 20 years, starting as a workshop and remote engineer repairing green screen terminals, printers and servers.

Michael is a Senior C# Azure Engineer at Netwealth
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Senior C# Azure Engineer

Joining soon...

Mujtaba Ijaz is a Software Developer at Netwealth
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Mujtaba Ijaz

Software Developer

Coming soon...

Paul Whyton is a Senior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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Paul Whyton

Senior Fullstack Developer

Coming soon...

Rich Reeves is a Senior Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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Rich Reeves

Senior Fullstack Developer

Over 20 years' experience of software design and development for the financial services, legal and retail industries.

Scott Sanderson is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
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  • Technology

Scott Sanderson

Fullstack Developer

Scott has a degree in Computer Science and has over 4 years experience developing bespoke software applications.

Shraddha Shah is a Fullstack Developer at Netwealth
  • Design & Technology
  • Dancing
  • Art

Shraddha Shah

Fullstack Developer

With Commendation in her master’s degree in Engineering, Shraddha has over 12 years of experience of software development in insurance and pathology industries.

Chris Arnold is the CTO at Netwealth
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Chris Arnold

Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years’ experience developing and delivering software systems for the insurance, financial services and marketing industries.

Open Positions

Netwealth is looking for a Senior C# / Azure Developer
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Senior C# / Azure Developer


Reporting directly to the CTO, you'll be involved in all aspects of our software development lifecycle. These include, but are not limited to, requirements gathering, planning, design, coding and testing. You'll also take a key role in adopting and implementing standards, and patterns & practices.

Netwealth is looking for an Angular Contractor
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AngularJS to Angular Contract Developer


Netwealth is looking for a skilled Angular developer to port our remaining AngularJS codebase to Angular 9.