Netwealth Engineering Team

Adam Worley is a Senior Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Adam Worley

Senior Back-End Engineer

Adam has a degree in Computer Science and enjoys all things tech. He has contributed to the Open-Source community and supports Free and Open-Source software.

Adebayo Adegbembo is a Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Adebayo Adegbembo

Back-End Engineer

Originally trained as an Engineering Surveyor, Bayo made a detour into software development once he caught the bug during his undergrad studies.

Aneesa Aslam is a Dynamics Specialist at Netwealth
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Aneesa Aslam

Dynamics Specialist

Experienced Customer Relationship Management Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Dan Bater is a Front-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Dan Bater

Front-End Engineer

Daniel is a seasoned front-end developer, web creator, espresso enthusiast, dog walker, astrophotographer.

Declan Key is a Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Declan Key

Back-End Engineer

Declan has a Degree in Software Engineering as well as 5 years’ experience writing various pieces of software as a full stack developer and backend developer.

Ed Barnard is a Senior Quantitative Engineer at Netwealth
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Ed Barnard

Senior Quantitative Engineer

Ed is an engineer with experience building both software and physical products.

Emma Hawkins is a Associate Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Emma Hawkins

Associate Back-End Engineer

Emma is a junior engineer with 4 years of programming experience. Emma has a BSc in Psychology and an MRes in Primate Biology, Behaviour, and Conservation.

Jess Hill is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Netwealth
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Jess Hill

Quality Assurance Engineer

Jess is an ISTQB qualified Test Analyst with a B.A. in Human Communication.

John (JJ) Bautista is a Front-End Engineer at Netwealth
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  • Trampolining
  • Driving

John (JJ) Bautista

Front-End Engineer

JJ holds an MEng in Aerospace Engineering and brings three years of web development expertise from the finance and insurance sectors.

Lerisa Gomes is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Lerisa Gomes

Senior Front-End Engineer

Angular Developer with over 3 years of demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Matt Horrocks is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Netwealth
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Matt Horrocks

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Matt has worked in IT for 20 years, starting as a workshop and remote engineer repairing green screen terminals, printers and servers.

Mujtaba Ijaz is a Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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  • Travelling

Mujtaba Ijaz

Back-End Engineer

Muj has a Computer Science degree and has been developing software solutions for different sectors including fleet/insurance management, and research and consultancy industries.

Nick Wilson is a Quantitative Engineer at Netwealth
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  • Game dev
  • Badminton

Nick Wilson

Quantitative Engineer

A mathematician by degree, Nick brings to the table over 5 years' cross-industrial software engineering experience with a focus on dotnet backends.

Sam Harris is a Front-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Sam Harris

Front-End Engineer

Sam has been a front-end software developer for 5 years with two degrees in Computing and a passion for styling, organisation and communication.

Scott Sanderson is a Senior Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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  • Technology

Scott Sanderson

Senior Back-End Engineer

Scott has a degree in Computer Science and has been with Netwealth since 2020 primarily working with back-end technologies.

Shraddha Shah is a Senior Back-End Engineer at Netwealth
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Shraddha Shah

Senior Back-End Engineer

With Commendation in her master’s degree in Engineering, Shraddha has over 12 years of experience of software development in insurance and pathology industries.

Rich Reeves is a VP Engineering at Netwealth
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Rich Reeves

VP Engineering

Over 30 years' experience of software design and development for the financial services, legal and retail industries.

Chris Arnold is the CTO at Netwealth
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Chris Arnold

Chief Technology Officer

Over 25 years’ experience developing and delivering software systems for the insurance, financial services and marketing industries.

Open Positions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Specialist is a 12 Month Contract at Netwealth
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Specialist

12 Month Contract

We are looking for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Specialist to help us maintain and grow the use of our in-house CRM.